We took a couple of minutes out with one of our Recruitment Partners Annalie Graham for a coffee and a catch up.

How did you get to where you are now?Annalie Graham
I have a background in the property industry, recruiting and managing a team for many years; from there I moved into a marketing role for a privately owned medical company, targeting public sector clients. I used to manage all their communications and direct marketing campaigns as well as their content and digital strategy.

From there it was a simple step into marketing recruitment as I understood it so well from a candidate perspective and as a hiring manager.

What attracted you about recruitment?
Mostly because it brought together both my skill sets whilst still presenting a challenge every day. Now I work to bring my clients together with a marketer who will help optimise their success for the future.

Tell us something surprising about you.
My dog got electrocuted last year! He got a shock with 600V on the railway line which threw him up in the air; the bolt went through his paws and out through his tail but apart from burnt paws and a little singed fur he lived to tell the tale!

How does a typical day go for you?
My days are a real mix of tasks, which I love! I’ll focus on launching new roles to market early each morning with a marketing mapping and headhunting exercise for candidates. The afternoon is usually spent interviewing candidates and building my client network.

I’ll often talent pool for clients who are gearing up to meet new strategic goals within specific areas such as automation or technical digitally focused roles.

What are the biggest challenges you face?
Ensuring that marketing is properly appreciated as a specialist hire. Being such a varied discipline from offline direct marketing to cutting edge digital skills, understanding the nuances and the market is essential to find the right person and it can be undervalued.

What are the highlights of your job?
It’s such a cliché but honestly, it’s the buzz of getting the right candidate for the role. When you interview a candidate and you intuitively know that they are the candidate the business has been looking for, and it is also the perfect opportunity to progress their career.

It’s especially rewarding when you have found them directly and they haven’t been actively looking but you give them the confidence to go for it.

What are candidates looking for in their next role?
Candidates want variety, and the opportunity to upskill and try out new digital tools. It is such a fast-moving industry so they want a business that embraces change and new digital techniques / technology. People are very keen not to pigeon-hole themselves but to keep their skills broad.

Why does someone go into marketing today?
I think these days people realise the difference good marketing can make to a business. The comms element is what gets people excited and inspired but they then realise the opportunity to mix commerciality and creativity; it’s a winning combination!

What are clients looking for in their next hire?
Medium sized businesses are looking for someone who can mix hands-on and strategy and is happy to muck in and be a team player. Larger businesses on the other hand are looking for more specific expertise for more siloed roles.

Also, businesses are becoming more aware of social media ROI and are looking for experience in monitoring and analysis tools such as Hootsuite as well as content creation.

Either / Or
• Tea or Coffee? Coffee
• Cheese or Chocolate? Cheese
• Walk in autumnal wind or cosy by the fire? Cosy by the fire!
• Good movie or a good book? Good book
• Mountains or the beach? The beach

• Time of day? Evening
• Cocktail? Margarita
• Way to stay fit? Running
• Movie? Fight Club
• Holiday? Tobago
• Thing to do with the kids? Cycling the Surrey Downs


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Updated September 20, 2017