As Marketers, we understand the importance of branding and eye catching packaging to the success of a product line. What you don’t expect is how our own personal appearance impacts on potential career success and earning power. Disappointingly, there are numerous studies that show just how it does factor, and more than we’d care to admit.

Are you aware of how much appearance really can impact, for both men and women? Take our quiz to find out.


Studies suggest that men and women feel the impacts of appearance differently; attractiveness is an advantage for men marketing jobsthroughout their career, yet they are penalised more in terms of earning potential for unattractiveness.

For women on the other hand, attractiveness is only a benefit until they reach senior level.  At this point, findings suggest that attractiveness and hence femininity, is a perceived weakness in what is often considered a masculine environment.  This leads to women not being taken seriously and some who take drastic measures from dying their hair, to wearing glasses or formless fitting clothes as CEO Eileen Carey felt necessary.

It is disappointing but not surprising that in today’s world your appearance, whether you are male or female can have such an effect on employability, earning potential and career success.

Despite this however, no one intends to discriminate based on the appearance of a team member.  Our subconscious bias impacts our decisions, so whilst we appreciate it’s difficult, it is worth bearing in mind a potential for bias when interviewing your next candidate, and focus on the marketing skills and experience you need in the role.

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Updated October 10, 2017