With companies seeking to reduce agency spend amid tightened budgets this year, many are returning to commission based pay models.  Others however, are seeking to bring historically outsourced areas of digital marketing in-house; especially areas such as SEO that require technical expertise.

Simply being a digital marketing specialist with a focus on PPC, Tag Manager or keyword content for example however, is not enough on the client side.  We are experiencing more and more requests for specialists to have a generalist marketing background.  One who can set their existing specialisation into broader context and who has the flexibility to support the team in other areas if required.

What does this mean if you are recruiting digital marketing specialists now?

The demand for specialists is increasing, and as with any specialisation the talent pool of people is limited.  Here are our top tips if you are considering bringing your digital requirements in-house, or improving your current capabilities:
  1. Plan ahead – as good specialists are limited it may take more time to recruit them into your business.  Don’t gear your strategies up until you are sure that you have someone lined up for the role as you may be left unable to deliver.
  2. Have an attractive package – competition is fiercer for these candidates and you will be up against other companies, so you need an ace up your sleeve.  This doesn’t have to be a bumped up salary, think laterally about other benefits.  It could be a commitment to cutting edge development in role, further training or flexibility.
  3. Your own talent pipeline – (unusual for a recruiter to say) but think about cross skilling your own teams and developing your existing talent.  Investing in your people helps to future proof your team.
  4. Culture – if you are recruiting someone with an agency background who has never worked on the client side before, remember that an agency culture is very different.  This will become apparent during the interview stage and is something that must be considered.
  5. Specialists require specialists – many businesses have excellent in-house recruiting teams.  However, to recruit specialists you need to have the established networks and talent pools; who you know and access to passive job seekers is crucial for success.

If you are considering a recruitment drive to bring digital marketing specialists into your business, then give us a call or complete the form below.

If you are considering a recruitment drive to bring digital marketing specialists into your business then give us a call 01737 457 330 8.30am – 6.00pm GMT or email hello@armstronglloyd.co.uk or complete the form below.
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Updated May 25, 2017