Competition for the top marketing talent across both B2B and B2C is fiercer than ever. Job levels have returned to their peak recently as reported in our recent blog post in May, yet candidates are showing reluctance to move. So, what are marketers looking for in their next employer?

A strong remuneration package only goes so far, millennials who make up the largest segment of the workforce place less importance on financial remuneration than previous generations. Marketers are looking beyond the salary package to see what else employers have to offer.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is high on the agenda for marketers according to the Marketing Week Salary Survey 2017. Of those that took part, only 38.3% of marketers currently have the option of flexible working, yet 86% consider it important. A strong flexible working policy will help you to stand out from the 60% who do not offer this option.
Career progression is a very important consideration for both B2B and B2C marketers in considering their next employer. Being able to demonstrate a progression path for a role is far more likely to attract ambitious and driven candidates who are determined to succeed.

The value of marketing

An organisation who understands and appreciates the value of marketing is a far more attractive proposition to any serious marketer. Yet, according to Marketing Week, difficult to find, with more than half of the respondents claiming marketing is seen purely as a cost to business. If you can demonstrate just how your business sees the value of the marketing team through the interview process, you prove a far more attractive proposition than otherwise.

Working environment

Equally vital in attracting and retaining talent, a good working environment is important to 70% of marketers, yet just 29% feel that their current company delivers one. Millennials again consider this a vital aspect and those in leadership positions want to focus on “being the best possible place to work”. Embrace this attitude and embody through your recruitment process and employer brand.

Training and personal development

Next to career progression, it is a key consideration for marketers. A business who is willing to invest in their staff’s development will be in the minority, with just 16% of marketers believing their company does training well. So, if you are able to develop enviable opportunities for training, you will truly stand out from the crowd.

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Updated July 13, 2017