As marketing recruitment specialists, we always take a moment at this time of year to review, reflect and look forward to what the coming year might bring for those in marketing.

In the wider world, 2016 has been full of surprises, politically from the “B” word and the uncertainty this brings to the UK; to an outstanding British Olympic performance and who’d have thought a British tennis player at world number 1!?

For those in the marketing jobs market however, life has been a little less turbulent.  Vacancies across the marketing function have increased by 83% in 2016 compared to last year.  Part of this rise has been due to businesses growing their teams and broadening in-house skill sets by bringing in those who have specialist experience in specific technical areas such as marketing automation.

We review competition for marketing jobs

There has also been a reasonable amount of movement within the sector – Armstrong Lloyd saw applications per vacancy increase from 21.3 on average in 2015, to 35 this year.  Competition remains strong for roles with mid-tier executive roles seeing the greatest number of applications.

The competition amongst applicants allows employers to be selective and ensure that the select the best candidate with the skills required for the role.  Digital skills are in high demand and we anticipate they will remain so into 2017, as those industries who have been late adopters will continue with their implementation, whilst those who are ahead of the game will continue to develop their digital strategies.

Specialist Marketing Roles

We also expect to see more “siloing” of roles as business look to cut costs and bring elements of the marketing mix that have more traditionally been outsourced in house.  Consequently we are seeing an increase in demand for those with specialist skill sets rather than a generic marketing mix, such as PPC, SEO or automation specialists.  Those candidates with specialist skills are less common in the market place as many marketers are reluctant to become too narrow in their focus.

In line with businesses seeking more specialist technical skills on the digital side, we anticipate there will be a continuation of the trend towards insight and analytics in 2017.  Companies seek to learn ever more from their data to inform and develop marketing activities across the sales cycle, rather than focusing solely on customer acquisition but devoting resource to customer advocacy for example.  This increased use of data requires a different type of marketer who is strongly analytical and technical as well as possessing the creativity and flair marketers are traditionally known for.

In all, we have a positive outlook for 2017, despite the challenges that are presented in the broader political and economic environment.

On a personal note

We’re now into our third trading year and I’m delighted to say the business is going from strength to strength.  At this time of year it’s nice to have the chance to take a step back from the day to day and review the bigger picture.  This year we have been working on our own marketing strategy and brought in an in-house marketing resource to develop and implement our digital transformation with content marketing, CRM development, social media strategy and website development.

I’m delighted that we have been invited to tender and won a number of new PSL’s this year, working with well known, reputable companies in the financial services, food and travel sectors.

I’d like to extend a big thank you to all our clients and candidates for a really fantastic year in what has been an unusual trading environment.  I’m positive that whilst 2017 has some challenging times ahead, we will continue to provide the best possible level of service and deliver results.

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Updated December 13, 2016