It’s that time of year again when we look back at the year in our annual Marketing Recruitment Review. 2017 has been less of a turbulent year than anticipated; marketing vacancy levels have increased slightly on prior year, and salaries have shown small increases across all levels. Junior salaries have seen the highest increase of 7% on 2016 as we see employers demanding more of their junior staff. Strong social media and email marketing skills are in particular demand.

Spurred on by the approaching GDPR changes, the second half of 2017 has seen even more of a shift in focus towards data. Whilst the new regulations impact businesses across the board, marketing teams especially will see a significant impact in future lead generation activities, in addition to bringing their existing CRM data up to speed. It’s a huge task facing both B2B and B2C businesses, and with the ICO’s guidelines still not fully complete; a task that will continue to evolve as May 2018 passes.

This focus on data has been driving a demand for marketers who are “data savvy”, not only those who have the capability to draw insight and make decisions, but who also understand the implications of GDPR (note to all, this is not an issue just for your compliance team or data protection officer, this affects everyone!).

Marketing Recruitment Review: what does 2018 hold?

Looking forward to 2018, our picture is ultimately clouded by the ongoing Brexit negotiations and what the outcome will mean for the UK economy. PwC’s latest forecasting cites the slow down in consumer spending and squeeze on global investment in the UK behind their projected 1.4% growth for next year. Whilst avoiding a recession, activity is likely to remain sluggish in some sectors, although manufacturing is anticipated to have a strong showing next year.

With businesses seeking to minimise their outlay, the growth of digital marketing is ever prevalent. We have seen companies making fantastic inroads into developing their digital teams; educating and developing existing employees, as well as bringing in new talent and ideas. This is having the effect of breaking down some traditional barriers, especially around cross sector and consumer to business. B2B businesses in particular are seeking new ideas and innovation in a digital world and are turning to consumer experts to provide it.

We do see opportunities arising in 2018 in particular within the IT and software industries and potentially construction as the upcoming projects in the South East start to take shape. So all in all, not a gloomy picture for marketers if you are considering a move next year or thinking about expanding your team. Opportunities will continue to arise and provide openings for strong skill sets in the data driven, digital and automated specialisations.

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Updated December 14, 2017