Perhaps unsurprisingly, the internet has been full of rather entertaining memes since President Trump decided to sack his new Communications Director after just 10 days in role. Thankfully it’s not often in marketing that we find someone sacked in such a short space of time, but it did get us thinking.

What could inadvertently give a new employer doubts over your suitability straight from the off?

You said what about who?

The true reasons for Anthony Scaramucci’s departure have not been published, but some have attributed it to his outlandish comments to the media during his tenure. Whilst marketers aren’t in the public eye directly, however commenting negatively on previous staff and using offensive language will not win you any points in a new role.

Why did you do it like that?

Criticising what has gone before is a challenge, as you’ve often been brought in to turn something around, be that a channel, a product line or a route to market. But, keep it constructive. Blanket criticism of existing work and efforts will only put people’s backs up, when they should be welcoming your new skills and what you can do to help move things forward and improve.

It’s too hot… It’s too cold…

Accept that the work environment is going to be different to what you have experienced before. Complaining that things are not to your liking is not going to reflect well on your ability to adapt and integrate. If something is really bothering you (the temperature is such a common one!), talk to your new boss discreetly.

Being standoffish

Don’t let those nerves get the better of you! Easy to say, tough to do. We know. However, one of a marketer’s key skills is the ability to build relationships, whether with internal stakeholders or in managing agencies. It’s natural to be nervous when starting a new role, however, the way you present yourself now will make a huge impact on your ability to work with these people in the long run.

Bertie bonus

You will of course want to set up the benefits associated with your package and this is quite right. However, employers are looking for you to want to work for the business, rather than it being all about the package. Focusing too much on remuneration, holiday and benefits right at the start will cause doubts over your attitude and commitment.


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Updated August 2, 2017