Dare I say I am an advocate of the well-being culture of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating enough superfoods to charge an electric car, I can safely say I have an innate love for fresh produce.

We are all continuously reminded of the health benefits of adopting the ‘from field – to table’ approach eliminating as much as possible the stages in between.  After all, we are what we eat.

So in the world of marketing recruitment – what benefits would we see if we adopted these healthy eating analogies to finding the perfect candidate?

Recruiting is a challenging pursuit for all involved at the best of times yet one that yields a plethora of benefits when you find the perfect candidate.  However, there are times when the process can become diluted resulting in a less than enjoyable and sometimes bland and tasteless experience for both candidate and hiring manager.

Why? I want to say ‘too many cooks do indeed spoil the broth’ when identifying a stand out candidate.

How? The lack of interaction with the hiring manager and the recruiter.

Think of it as field to table / manager to recruiter and the benefits as recruitment ‘nutrients’; the superfood brought to both hiring manager and the candidate, simply from the knowledge we glean from you, about your business requirements and your required outcome.

The relationship with your recruiter is key – We [they] really are the only person who can be privy to first hand contact with both parties. Think of us as the chef that brings all the ingredients of a great dish together simply by knowing what and how it adds definition to the finished product.  Experienced cooks do not have to measure ingredients to recipes that they have been creating for years. Intuition and familiarity guides them through a recipe they have visited a number of times – and the simple love of what they do is the added component that results in something exquisite.

For that added flavour to your recruitment recipe of success this year – take a look at our top tips for your recipe to recruiting success for 2016:

Get a head chef

You wouldn’t use a rolling pin to beat an egg would you? So why not use the right tools when it comes to your recruitment?  Hiring is in itself a campaign so trust your recruiter to take control – It’s what they do best, it’s what they know and it’s why you have asked them to assist you with the search. A great recruitment campaign is a project in itself and who better to manage that process than the people who make it their business to improve yours?  The devil is in the detail that you may not consider important: Timing, response, rapport – all these make the difference between you getting the perfect hire or losing them.

It’s all about the chemistry

Oil and water – difficult if not impossible to mix.  But your relationship with your consultant does not need to be. Sometimes clients can be hesitant in letting the consultant in to really understand the role and thinking behind the hire. Give us your time and allow us to get to know your business, your aspirations and needs for the post.  We need to ask the right questions to establish your plan, and having done this for a while, we are skilled in being able to understand and piece together how your hire needs to fit into the wider picture.

Choose one cook

Using fewer consultants for the one hire – this will strengthen your success and the calibre of the candidate. There really is no benefit in having a number of consultants on the case.  Your brief becomes especially if given to a number of consultants in one hit. Who will reveal their strategy in front of others? And how much time do you have to give detailed information to each and every consultant so that they have the ingredients to produce the best results?

Too many cooks can indeed spoil your broth.

Set your timer

Let’s not forget – this is a two-way process. As much as you can pick and choose from a choice of final applicants, candidates also have a choice to continue, withdraw, accept or refuse your offer. After all, time kills all deals.

The majority of failed recruitment attempts are down to the candidate feeling disengaged from the employer. Lagging decision times, interview dates not adhered to, feedback and final decisions taking longer than anticipated.  And in between all of this, little to no communication from either the client of the consultant.

We pride ourselves on setting realistic deadlines with our clients and keeping both parties fully up to speed with progress before they have to ask.





Updated February 26, 2016