Take the Strategic ViewRecruitment Strategy

For a successful recruitment strategy, identify the areas in your marketing strategy on which you need to focus for the next 12 to 18 months and assess the capabilities of your team.  Do you have any gaps that impact on your ability to deliver your strategy?  These are the areas where you need to consider either talent acquisition or cross training your existing team.


Passionate people deliver resultsLook for the Passion

Seek out those potential employees who live and breathe what they do.  Those who are passionate not only about their area of expertise but even about what you do as a company.  Work with your HR team to look beyond purely what a CV can tell you and get to know the person behind the paperwork.  They may just be your hidden gem.


Is siloing expertise the best option for your recruitment strategy?Is Siloing Expertise the Best Option?

If you make plans to silo expertise, especially in the digital realm think carefully whether this is warranted.  A narrow focus doesn’t always mean the best performance.  Consider cross training your team and moving members around from one specialism to another on a rotational basis to maintain motivation, and keep engagement levels high.


Choose a different pathDon’t Do What You’ve Always Done

If you need to recruit externally this year, try not to fall into the trap of assuming that only candidates with the same industry background would be the right fit.  Parallels can be drawn between many industries and these professionals bring new fresh new ideas and vision to the team.


Marketing expertise requires specialist recruiters

 Specialist Expertise Requires Experts

It takes one to know one – marketers are specialists so get to know recruiters who specialise in your expertise.  Whether it is niche areas such as SEO, PPC, automation or strong digital marketers; a generalist recruiter is far less likely to have access to the talent pool necessary to grow or complement your team with the right people.

Updated January 18, 2017