One of the biggest bug bears when it comes to recruiting marketers is the time it takes. Not just the time it takes away from the day to day tasks for hiring managers, but the time burden on the HR team who are juggling multiple roles across a myriad of departments at any one time.

Marketing is a specialist skill and on average, marketing roles take 51 days to fill in the UK and Ireland, that’s a whopping 7 weeks! This is longer than Sales or HR and 6% longer than the UK average. Few people can afford to spend this long going through the recruitment process and bear in mind that this is the time it takes to go from releasing the job to an offer being made and accepted – not the new incumbent actually starting.

At Armstrong Lloyd we achieve a time to fill on average of just 35 days, that’s a third of the time faster than the industry average.*

So what do we do differently?
  1. Being specialists we have a broad network of both passive and active job seekers. We don’t rely on advertising to fill roles but take a proactive approach in our proprietary market mapping techniques.
  2. We work in partnership with our clients. We get to know you well in order to understand the company and team culture. Beyond that we build a relationship with you as a hiring manager that supports your talent acquisition strategy. This then helps you to deliver on your wider marketing strategy.
  3. As most of us were marketers or in commercial roles previously, we understand the nuances of marketing and what the job requires, even the technical roles. So, when shortlisting candidates, we know exactly what skill sets we are looking for.
  4. Our shortlisting process is very streamlined. We thoroughly screen all candidates prior to submission so that we don’t waste your time with unsuitable suggestions. Our notes are also submitted along with the CV for a more indepth view of each candidate.
  5. Our shortlist to interview ratio is 2:1 – for every two candidates we submit to you, one is successfully interviewed, beating the 4:1 average hands down.

So, if you need to recruit for your team either through growth, or replacing existing staff members and don’t want to hang about then give us a call. We’d be delighted to discuss how we can help.
01737 457 330 8.30am – 6.00pm GMT or email

*Based on Armstrong Lloyd data 2016-2017

Updated June 13, 2017