In preparing to interview a new marketing candidate, there are obviously key areas that you want to cover, from establishing core competency capability to getting an insight into the candidate’s cultural fit for the business.

However, it is all too easy in asking those probing questions to get tripped up and touch on protected characteristics, especially indirectly.  Avoiding protected characteristics isn’t something that is an “HR issue”, it is everyone’s responsibility.  HR will most likely be supporting you through the recruitment process but you can’t guarantee that they will be available for every meeting and you are personally responsible for the questions you ask, even if you have an HR team.

Now, obviously you aren’t going to come out and ask someone exactly how old they are, it’s the indirect allusions where interviewers can come unstuck, even experienced interviewers.

So we decided to put a quick refresher together of the protected characteristics and challenge you to take our quiz and see if you can pass interview muster!

Marketing Interview Questions Not To Ask


Protected Characteristics

Protected characteristics marketing interview questions

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Updated May 9, 2017