Your marketing skills and experience are broad and transferrable and can be applied to many walks of life, including securing a new job.


Understanding market conditions and developing strategies to respond and exploit them are key skills for marketers.  Apply these skills to job hunting in selecting markets with optimal opportunities and where your background and experience are best suited.  Establish those companies within your geographic target that you would most like to work for and then identify the consultancies that work with those companies.

Having an open and frank discussion with your consultant regarding the types of company that you would like to work for and asking them to focus their attempts on your behalf in these areas will aid you in these endeavours.  If you are thinking laterally and applying for positions where your skills and experience are not immediately apparent to be suited, then highlight this on your CV and have a discussion with your consultant so they can explain to a potential employer and take this into consideration.


Modern marketing and efforts to build a brand owe a good deal to engaging storytelling.  You can apply this approach to your own career path and CV.  A CV not only needs to highlight your experience and skills but should reflect who you are and build a sense of your identity.  This technique is also helpful in setting your experience in context.  So many job seekers make the mistake of assuming that a potential employer will know who they work for and what that company does.  Setting the scene of your experience and creating a synergy between your application and the positioning of the company you are applying for will help hiring managers see the parallels that much easier.


Research marketing skills are vital, whether you are keeping up with market trends or establishing new opportunities.  Use these in preparation for an interview.  Please do not be satisfied with simply reading the “About Us” section of a company’s website.  Consider their broader position in the market, their competitors, their channels and product range.

As marketers we understand how to develop and structure a PSO (product service offer) to the market and how to position the features and benefits (FAB) for those products.  Use these skills in an interview to demonstrate your capabilities when it comes to the competencies that are most relevant for the role.  These presentation skills are particularly useful in answering competency questions – see how to structure your answers using the STAR technique here.


Most marketing teams have a cross functional reach, engaging with sales, product, and customer service to name but a few.  This requires an ability to build relationships with colleagues who have multiple priorities.  This relationship management capability is key to working with all those you encounter during the process of acquiring and starting a new job.

A good consultant can make the process so much easier, a specialist particularly understands the challenges associated with finding the right marketing role.  If you are looking to take the next step in your career, do give us a call and we would be delighted to chat through your requirements.

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Updated May 23, 2017