There are a multitude of articles online about how to avoid alienating your interviewer as a candidate; but very few people discuss the possibility of the interviewer alienating your marketing candidates.

So we thought we’d take a look at questions that have been posed to candidates or marketing colleagues in marketing interviews in the past.  What the interviewer really meant to ask, what the candidate’s perception was, and how the question could have been re-phrased.

Question 1:Marketing candidates managing pressure
Question 2

Why did you leave your last marketing role?

Question 3Can the marketing candidate be self-sufficient?
Question 4Can you manage a small marketing budget?
Question 5

Manage large marketing campaign workload

Question 6

How commited is a marketing candidate going to be?

Question 7The role is more boring and less innovative than advertised


It does happen however, and as the competition for the top marketing talent continues to increase, candidates have more choice than ever before. If you start asking poorly thought through questions, you might inadvertently lose your ideal candidate.

In these instances, the interviewer is usually trying to ask a valid question. In our experience, it is the presentation that lets you down.  We have seen the results when these questions have led to further interviews being declined or in a couple of cases, the job itself.

Updated July 3, 2017