The search for a candidate to fill a challenging marketing automation role turned into a nightmare for one of the UK’s leading civil engineering companies. After a six-month search, the chosen candidate declined the role and four different agencies subsequently failed to find a suitable replacement; so they turned to Armstrong Lloyd for help.

The Problem

This business was looking to automate the middle of their funnel and build on the steady flow of organic leads that they had taken pains to develop.  Although they were very keen to introduce this new approach as soon as possible, but as marketing automation is specialist skill in high demand, it had taken over seven months for the hiring manager to find the ideal candidate, who then unfortunately declined the role due to the length of commute.

Needing a quick resolution, four new agencies were engaged to find a replacement. However, after another few months of searching, none of them were able to supply a candidate of suitable background and experience.

The set of criteria for the role was a demanding one; the candidate’s experience of Eloqua was essential, and their experience of a similar industry desirable. The business was understandably cautious in approaching the process for a third time, having been let down firstly by the candidate and then by other agencies; not to mention the impact on the business caused by the length of time the role had remained empty.

The Solution

Newly introduced to Armstrong Lloyd through a colleague as a marketing specialist, the hiring manager sent the job specification to their dedicated Recruitment Partner for review. Armstrong Lloyd’s unique approach does not solely rely on what insight the job specification can supply and an in-depth review was carried out with the hiring manager. The purpose of which was to understand the culture of the team and the business, in addition to the strategic considerations in future proofing the role.

Thanks to extensive experience in marketing automation roles, the Recruitment Partner knew that actively headhunting passive candidates was essential. Using Armstrong Lloyd’s well established network across the South East, the Recruitment Partner had access to both active and passive candidates; an approach that ultimately proved successful; 75% of the shortlisted candidates came from this channel.

Once identified, each candidate was closely interviewed by the Recruitment Partner, referencing the job role requirements in detail. This established the suitability of each candidate beyond what a CV can provide and ensured that those elements of cultural fit were also taken into account.

This detailed approach resulted in all four submitted candidates proceeding to interview within two weeks. Of those candidates interviewed, two moved forward to the second interview stage and one was successfully offered and accepted the position.

The Benefits

Armstrong Lloyd’s extensive network across the South East, and our strong background in marketing automation roles meant that we had access to the top marketing talent specialising in this area and were able to reach out to passive as well as active candidates.  This resulted in a larger talent pool then any of the other agencies were able to establish.

Through close candidate management and extensive research, Armstrong Lloyd successfully concluded the entire process in three months, minimising further impact on the business; a far cry from the time it had previously taken.

Aware that recruiting can be a drain on the valuable time of the hiring manager, the Recruitment Partner’s flexible approach to communication ensured that they could discuss candidates and the process out of core working hours and not impact on the hiring manager’s main duties.

Taking the time to develop an in-depth understanding and close working relationship with the business ensured a successful conclusion with an ideal candidate who meets the strategic requirements and is committed to the business and its future.

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