Managing an internal restructure that demands an influx of new skill requirements for the marketing team can be a headache, especially when time and process sensitivity is key. This business knew they could turn to Armstrong Lloyd for a confidential service and market expertise.

The Problem

A prominent manufacturer and supplier to the construction industry took an opportunity during a companywide restructure to bring a dedicated digital focus to their marketing department.

The hiring manager was keen to bring an experienced Digital Marketing Manager to the team that was lacking digital expertise at that level. Due to the time sensitivity of the process however, they could not publicly advertise its availability but wanted someone to start shortly after the restructure was complete.

The Solution

Having successfully worked with Armstrong Lloyd in the past to fill specialist marketing roles, the Hiring Manager approached their dedicated Recruitment Partner on a confidential basis to talent pool a selection of suitable candidates, ready for when the role could be publicly released.

As a strategic focus on digital marketing in-house was new to the business, the hiring manager’s expertise lay primarily in off-line marketing. Consequently, they requested Armstrong Lloyd’s assistance in developing a job specification that drew on the specialist skills in content marketing, search and lead generation available in the market today.

Due to the confidential nature of the role, Armstrong Lloyd began to work within their wide network, talent pipelining candidates not only with the desired background and expertise, but who were flexible and could move rapidly if required.

Having carried out this process over a period of some weeks, the restructure was finally complete and the role publicly released.

As a talent pool of suitable candidates had already been established and kept engaged, Armstrong Lloyd was able to submit their shortlist to the hiring manager within 24 hours of formal notification.

Two of the three candidates progressed to the two stage interview process and within two weeks of releasing the role, an offer had been made and accepted.

The Benefits

As Armstrong Lloyd had included a focus on flexible candidates within their talent pool, the chosen candidate was able to not only accept the offer, but started just two and a half weeks later. This meant that the entire process from formal release of the role to start date was just four and a half weeks, meeting the business objective to quickly fill the role and settle the team into their new structure as seamlessly as possible.

The well-established working relationship also meant that the hiring manager knew they could rely on Armstrong Lloyd’s expertise and knowledge of the market in helping to develop a job specification and candidate profile that would fit their business. Combined with the confidential approach to talent pooling meant this meant that the business’ strategic objectives were met in a timely and efficient manner with a fantastic candidate in role for the future.

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