What do you do when you are working with a hiring manager on a new recruitment project, only to find that they don’t know what they want in the new person?  How do you manage uncertainty?

This is a common problem, particularly within the marketing team where the skill sets are not just diverse but can be implemented across many different disciplines. If a hiring manager is new to recruiting, unsure of just how they want the team to be structured or developing a new role the uncertainty can cause you problems.

These can range from extended timeframes, to poor candidate experiences that negatively impact the brand, to employee retention issues if you end up with the wrong person in the role.

We take a look at how you can help manage uncertainty for a successful outcome.


All marketers are used to setting out a plan. All marketing campaigns are run this way! Sit down with the hiring manager in advance and clearly establish what they want the role’s key objectives to be. From there you can broaden out into the skill sets and experience required. Re-visit this when things start to drift to help provide guidance.

Time Management

Marketers work in a very targeted environment and a combination of close focus on their day job coupled with uncertainty slows down the process hugely. This can have a significant impact on your own department’s metrics too, especially if you are resourcing yourself! Help by setting up a new recruitment drive as a project with defined timescales that are agreed with the hiring manager. Marketers are used to working in this way and it will help to add structure to the process.

Market Review

If you are aware there is uncertainty and you are using a consultancy then be open with your Recruitment Partner. A specialist will have in-depth knowledge of their market and they can help to review the market and define the skills, experience and salary bandings applicable. This can help in narrowing down the choices and manage expectations, particularly when it comes to budgets.


Encourage your hiring manager to work on this project as they would any other and treat your recruitment agency as they would a marketing agency. Marketing agencies charge by the hour so if things go wrong it negatively impacts on budgets and they need to view a recruitment agency in the same way, as time creep impacts on your resource cost effectiveness. Time is money at the end of the day and when everyone is working to deadlines and pre-defined briefs you get results.

If you are struggling with a role in Marketing and it seems like you’ll never find the right hire, then give us a call. We’ll happily talk you through the local market conditions and advise on your individual situation. 01737 457 330 8.30am – 6.00pm GMT or email hello@armstronglloyd.co.uk.


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