Throughout the recruitment process you will be in partnership with the same Recruitment Partner. Initially we discuss the details to define, and if necessary refine, role and candidate specifications. This process is carried out through a variety of channels, either face to face or via video or telephone conferencing, whichever best suits your needs.

Having gained a thorough understanding of the role to be filled, we begin to search for that high calibre candidate to satisfy your needs.

Market Mapping
As specialists dedicated to the Marketing sector, we are constantly assimilating the latest information about the rapidly changing trends in the market. This up-to-the-minute knowledge is essential for finding the right person for the right client.
We aim to deliver a superior service for our clients and use the same Market Mapping techniques as Executive Search firms. The proprietary “Market Scope Methodology” (MSM) allows to access and interpret data from many sources including the following:

  • LinkedInThe Recruitment Process - marketing mapping
  • Twitter
  • Database
  • Group and Forums
  • Personal network of individual
  • Facebook
  • Partnerships with Micro-Consultancies

Thanks to (MSM) and a proactive engagement with an ever widening social media community, we have access to 000’s more candidates than has ever been possible. However, whilst social media has changed the candidate landscape forever, you cannot ignore relationships.  Networking and contacts remain a vital part of our sourcing approach.

You may feel confident about defining the role you are offering, but it is still essential to understand how your competitors are seeking out the same high calibre candidates from the same talent pool. Will your role definition be understood in the marketplace and attractive to prospective candidates? We can answer these questions and more by market mapping.

Recruitment; is it an art or science? Many variables need to be taken into account to blend the right individual into an organisation. Technical skills and experience can usually be assessed in a straightforward manner but other skills essential for the long term success of the placement such as leadership, empathy, communication skills, attitude under pressure cannot be evaluated by simply reading a CV.

We have embraced technology as part of our longlisting recruitment process and Market Scope Methodology is an effective technological tool in pointing us towards the right person. But people remain at the heart of what we do and our interview process either phone or face to face is a crucial element. Here we begin to truly understand our candidates and build a rapport that means we know what they want just as well as they do.

Having narrowed the field to a long list of likely candidates we then carry out two telephone interviews, one with an experienced telephone interviewer and one subsequently with the Recruitment Partner who stays with the project until successful completion. This screening stage in the recruitment process clarifies which candidates are suitable for a detailed interview.

Behaviour and Competency Interview
Through this interview process we can begin to verify how well a candidate’s past and present behaviour matches the criteria necessary for the job. Here we establish with questions based on real work situations, how an individual may behave under stress, looking for qualities of adaptability, creativity, good communication skills, ability to analyse and take decisions, goal setting, integrity, and many more.

Psychometric Testing (Optional)
A psychometric test is a different way of assessing a number of personality traits needed for the post as specified. Much is gleaned from the process so far but It is useful to have another measure of suitability where subjective impressions are minimised. A further benefit is that all the candidates are answering all the same questions.

Shortlist and Beyond
Now we have reached the shortlist stage. The interview funnel has produced a number of top flight candidates. But it may be tight, they are all such good prospects. In this case we can separate out the candidates by looking at ‘desirable criteria’ for the role, criteria which would have been established in the initial specification meetings.

Project Management
Once our shortlist has been whittled down, these candidates are submitted to you, along with the in-depth interview notes that add further insight into a candidate beyond simply what their CV can tell you. These notes will specifically address the role criteria in addition to any other skills, achievements or highlights that a candidate may have failed to include on their CV but are pertinent to the role.

This allows you to decide which of the candidates you would like to meet on a face to face basis for interview. We will project manage this stage of the process closely, working with you not only on the practical interview set up, but also on additional internal stake holder engagement if required.

Once each stage of your interview process is complete, we will gather candidate feedback as well as your own and support you in the decision making as to your preferred choice.

When your decision has been made, we will broker the deal with the candidate presenting the proposed package, including salary, bonus, annual leave, contract terms and any additional benefits and close the deal. We also manage any potential counter-offer challenges that may arise as part of this process.

Agree and Ensure
Once the candidate agreement is reached, it isn’t the end of the recruitment process with Armstrong Lloyd. We will remain engaged throughout their notice period and continue to ensure that things are progressing smoothly, right up until the candidate has started and settled into their role.

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